Important Advice On Choosing a
Plus Size Informal Wedding Dress

It can take a considerable amount of time choosing an informal wedding dress, unless you do your homework.

Q. Do I know my measurements ?
(It's recommended you get a professional to do this for you)

Informal wedding dress measurements imageYou should try and acquaint yourself with some measurement tips. By knowing your own measurements your informal wedding dress should be more comfortable and you'll save alteration time. First of all you should stand comfortably with equal weight on both feet. Then measure around the fullest part of the bust. Keep the tape measure parallel to the floor. Then measure your natural waistline. As far as your hip size you should measure 8-10" below the waist to find the fullest hip. Measure the fullest part of the hip keeping the tape measure parallel to the floor. Dress lengths are measured from the bottom of the clavicle hollow at the front of the neck to the bottom of the hem of the informal wedding dress.


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Informal Wedding Dresses Sizes 14-44

Many women will attempt to try on a sample that simply doesn't fit. Don't let this frustrating fact discourage you though. Many designers make their informal wedding dresses up to a size 22 or 24, so finding a fashionable plus-size informal wedding dress is far from impossible. You should note that, for larger sizes, many stores tack on additional charges to cover the extra fabric and the special measurements it takes to ensure your informal wedding dress fits correctly. But it's worth it because you are guaranteed to get a dress that fits you properly and, more importantly, makes you feel beautiful. After all, it is your wedding day.

Q. Do I know my Shape ?

Of course, you'll want to find an informal wedding dress that's best for your type of figure. Flattering the more curvier figures is an A-line shape, because it can skim over hips, highlight the top half of the body and camouflage the lower half. On a busty woman a V-neckline can add a beautiful contrasting line.

Q. "What color should I pick ?"

Colors are very important. White doesn’t suit everyone. In fact, there are many tones to soften the look from Ivory through to Buttermilk. There’s tones of colour from pink blush, through apricot, lilac and blue. What colour jewellery do you wear, cool silver or warm gold? Will you be wearing pearls? Think about the informal wedding dress decoration and make sure that you stick to a theme. You should tie in colors and styles to the time of year that the wedding will be taking place. Also, don’t forget to consider the venue and whether it will be indoors or outdoors.


Why not have a look at the fabulous choices
of informal wedding dresses Sydney's Closet ?
They may just have exactly the type of dress you're seeking !

Informal Wedding Dresses Sizes 14-44


Q. "How much should I expect to pay for my informal wedding dress?"

Wedding dresses vary considerably in price. In the United States, for instance, the average wedding dress retails for approximately $900 with designer gowns easily exceeding the several thousand-dollar mark. In fact, they can range from somewhere between a few hundred dollars and $10,000. Spending a lot of money on a wedding dress just isn’t an option for many brides. Many brides today are buying their wedding dresses second hand and, with the mark down on once worn dresses easily around 50% or more, they’re saving hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

An off the peginformal wedding dress is likely to be mass produced (i.e.: manufactured in the Far East), and is unlikely to be in silk fabrics or particularly unique. The majority of bridal stores buy in the informal wedding dresses they sell, from big bridal dress manufacturers. These dresses are usually ordered for the customer in the closest standard size and then altered to fit the bride. This is not ideal fit wise, but it is the only way to keep prices low. This is commonly known as "off the peg" but unfortunately some bridal stores attempt to pass this off as "made to measure". Don't forget to ask if the price quoted includes alterations? As these are usually extra and can add several hundred dollars to the price of the dress, depending on what needs doing.

It’s probably helpful to understand the difference between off the peg, made to measure and couture dresses. Some designers mistakenly describe their dresses as "couture" when in fact they are made to measure. It’s rather a cynical attempt to take advantage of the bride's lack of understanding and to persuade her that she is getting more for her money than she actually is.

Made to measure is where the bride chooses an existing design that’s then made up to fit her. Normally, the price quoted includes a number of fittings. In the ideal world, all brides would have their dresses made to measure, to ensure a perfect fit.

Couture is where the customer sits down with the designer and the dress is designed from scratch to the customer's specification. With couture, there is usually always a toile fitting, (to check the fit of the pattern), before the dress is cut and made up. Couture dresses are very time consuming and expensive to manufacture.

Going away in your informal wedding dressQ. "Why do made to measure designer dresses cost so much? "

There is a popular misconception that as with anything to do with weddings, brides ordering made to measure designer dresses are somehow being over charged. This is simply not true for the following reasons:

Firstly, made to measure dresses are generally hand made and labour costs and overheads are obviously a lot higher than for dresses manufactured in China. Designer stores also offer a much higher level of service and have a major investment in sample dresses for brides to try.

Secondly brides are paying for the experience and expertise that designers have acquired over many years in the business. Dealing with designers who actually make their own dresses should give bride’s confidence that the dress will fit properly and be ready in time. This is not always the case with imported dresses.

Some brides ask a dressmaker to copy a designer dress to save money. Dressmakers can often under cut designers on price, because they have much lower overheads. But brides considering this option would be well advised get references because this can often prove to be a disaster. Not all dressmakers have the necessary skills or experience to manufacture a comparable dress for less money.

Q. "What happens if I want to lose weight?"

Brides are notorious for wanting to lose weight for their weddings. This is understandable and most stores will make some allowance for this in the fittings, provided the weight loss is not after the dress has already been altered to fit. As most brides will appreciate it is very difficult for bridal stores to hit a moving target. During the peak wedding summer months (June to August) bridal workrooms work to a very tight schedule, due to the number of dresses that they have to finish.

You'll have a wonderful day in your plus size wedding dreesQ. What style of wedding dress will suit me?

Once the potential bride has decided which stores she should make appointments to visit, the next problem is working out what style of dress will suit her figure and the type of wedding she is having?

Looking through bridal magazines will help, but the quickest way is to go and try dresses on. It is also helpful if the bride is able to get some professional advice on what styles suit her figure, her budget and her venue.

Thankfully, there are a reasonable number of reputable bridal designer stores, which offer a good selection of styles. These can often be off the peg, made to measure or couture dresses, depending on the bride's budget.

Once you've found answers to some if not all of these questions, here's some more advice on choosing that perfect plus size wedding dress.


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