Picture Perfect Wedding Photos
 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Photographer


The wedding photos from your wedding day are pictures that you will cherish for a lifetime but you only get one chance at getting these pictures.

If you don’t have a wedding photographer for your wedding or you have an incompetent photographer, you may miss out on having wedding photos from critical points of your wedding or reception. There are no do-overs or re-enactments in a wedding so it is important to have a wedding photographer who is capable of documenting your wedding with style and precision.

Wedding photographer imageIt is also important to hire an experienced wedding photographer who is capable of producingwedding photos that capture you and your wedding party in their best light.

The following are all tips for choosing a wedding photographer who is qualified to shoot your wedding. The power of references cannot be underestimated in choosing a wedding photographer. A photographer with a long list of references who are willing to speak to potential clients and an even longer list of testimonials from satisfied clients is an excellent indication of a photographer who will do a great job of photographing your wedding. It is important to contact each of these references and ask them questions about the photographer and their opinions of his work. You can use this opportunity to get a sense of the photographer’s ability to take pictures as well as his attitude towards his client. You will want to choose a wedding photographer who is both talented as well as courteous towards his clients.

One of the best ways to choose a wedding photographer is to pick a photographer that was used by a trusted friend or family member. If they had a positive experience with a particular photographer and highly recommend him, it is likely that you will also be glad that you chose this photographer. If you do not have a personal reference that you trust for a particular wedding photographer you might want to consult the Better Business Bureau for additional information about the photographer. Here you will be able to find out if the client has had a number of unresolved complaints filed against him. While you may not be able to determine the nature of the complaints, a large number of complaints for any reason is not a sign of good business practices.

Viewing the wedding photographer’s portfolio is also an important step in choosing a wedding photographer.

Since the portfolio contains actual pictures taken by the wedding photographer they will give you a good indication of his or her capabilities. It will also give you a sense of his style. Chances are that if you like the wedding photos in his portfolio you will probably also like the pictures that he takes at your wedding. Once you have narrowed down your wedding photographer choices to a few candidates based on their previous work and reputations, it is time to start discussing price. You may find that one or all of the candidates are completely out of your price range. If they are all out of your price range and none of them are willing to negotiate, you may have to go back to the drawing boards and choose another candidate who may not meet all of your criteria but who is likely to fall within your price range. When considering price, it is important to factor in what is included in the price that the wedding photographer quotes you.

Picture perfect wedding photos imageSome items to consider are, how many prints will you receive and what will be the sizes of these prints. You may also want to find out if the price includes the proofs and the negatives. This is valuable because the proofs give you access to every single picture thewedding photographer took during the course of the wedding and the negatives allow you to create reprints at your discretion. Your wedding photos will likely be one of the most cherished, tangible souvenirs from your wedding day. You will be able to look through your photos one day and reminisce about your wedding day.

You can also share the pictures with your children and grandchildren in the future as a way of filling them in on some of the details of your life. Since these pictures are so important, it is equally important to exercise caution and good judgment when choosing a wedding photographer.

Schedule an Appointment:

When you have chosen the wedding photographer you think you want to use, you will have to schedule several appointments. The bride and groom, the brides parents and anyone else who may be taking part in paying for the wedding should be present at these meetings regarding the wedding photography.

At these meetings, you will discuss price, payment schedule and possible deposits. Next you will discuss the plan for taking the photos. Many people also get video and digital photographs now. Do you want these? Will your wedding photographer be able to provide these? Will there be extra fees?

Many people have specific plans as to what they want pictures of (e.g. bride and father coming down the aisle, bride and groom, rings exchanging, the kiss, the bridesmaids, etc.) This is your chance to get all this written down so that the photographer is sure to get all the shots you want. Other people give their wedding photographers a little more freedom to decide what pictures will be good to take.

Be sure to ask any questions you have about this important event. Your wedding photography is important to you so don't hesitate to be clear about what you want.




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